"an attempt to demonstrate the number of human beings presently alive on Earth as well as the total number of human beings that have ever lived on Earth."

The estimated present global population is 7 billion, or more precisely 7.046 or 7,046,000,000. The total estimated number of humans that have ever lived is 107 billion or 107,000,000,000.

Those numbers are so big they are almost meaningless. I wanted to create something to help me get a handle on the scale of those numbers, and to try and give them some 'meaning'. So I created population_i.

- created in 2014

> details

  • the large blue square contains 142,129 pixels.
  • each pixel gets filled with skin-coloured bits.
  • once 49,575 skin-coloured bits have filled a blue pixel it turns green.
  • it will take approximately 7,046,000,000 skin-coloured bits to fill every blue pixel.
  • each small green square on the right contains 142,129 pixels already filled with 7,046,000,000 skin-coloured bits.
  • the large blue square is the final small square on the right being filled.
  • once all the small squares are green they will contain approximately 107,000,000,000 skin-coloured bits.

> facts

  • the population of China takes up nearly a quarter of the blue square.
  • the population of China + India takes up a little over a third of the blue square.
  • the pixel colours are taken from the Von Luschan's chromatic scale.
  • turning a single blue pixel green takes approximately 5 minutes.
  • it will take approximately 1.5 years (day and night) to turn the blue square completely green.
  • 1 day to view 10,000,000 skin-coloured bits: the estimated total killed in the Holocaust.
  • 3 hours to view 2,000,000 skin-coloured bits: the estimated total killed during the Crusades.
  • 30 minutes to view 230,000 skin-colored bits: the total killed by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.

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